Sooner Council Girl Scout Troop 437

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Welcome To Our Web Site!
This page is dedicated to all the girls and parents of Troop 437. I created the Web site so we could share pictures and stories of our activities and so we could easily stay in touch! In the near future you will be able to browse through our site to see pictures of events & obtain event information.

Upcoming Events!
Anyone game for a Easter Egg hunt and pot luck???

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What's New?
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE turn in either the calanders or money you have. It is troop profit and if you cannot sell them, maybe someone else can! Thanks!

City Wide Camp Out
We had a great time! Everyone did a great job! I really want to thank the parents that came with us. With the exception of the baked potato's (tee hee) things went without a hitch. It's okay Dwayne, we love you!!

Way to go troop on those cookie sales! Everyone got their monies turned in on time! Way to go!! Be thinking of how you want to spend our money!